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Juan Antonio Samaranch

Message from the Honorary President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch Marqués de Samaranch

This book recounts the story of a gymnast who has earned the titles of Swiss, European and World champion. Donghua Li was also Olympic champion on the pommel horse at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad, the Centennial Games, in Atlanta, United States of America, in 1996.

It is the biography of a great champion endowed with exceptional qualities, both human and sporting, which are the fundamental values of Olympism.

Through Donghua Li's story, the reader will discover just how much effort an athlete has to invest to reach the top and become a champion while striving to set an example to the young.

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Adolf Ogi

Message from Adolf Ogi, Former Swiss Federal Council and Minister for Sport of the Swiss Confederation

The award of an Olympic gold medal for "Artistic Gymnastic" represents an athletic performance of absolute perfection. It requires strength and energy as well as creativity and innovation. Donghua Li has achieved this as he succeeded to fulfill his dream at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

Switzerland is proud to have in its ranks an "Artistic Champion" as the winner of an Olympic gold medal, for the first time again since many decades. Proud also of his native country China, where he has obtained his first athletic education and opportunities as a basis of his successful career.

Donghua Li is not only an extraordinary sportsman with great charisma, but he is also a personality setting an example for young people and for sports in general. His positive attitude together with mental strength, politeness and fairness confirm my endeavours as Minister for Sports of Switzerland to support national and international sports activities also in the future as a means of communication between people of all nations and cultures.

The comprehensive biography of Donghua Li and his family, his long way to the gold medal, deserve to be described in a document dedicated to the public in general and to sports circles in particular.

My best wishes accompany Donghua Li for his future.

Adolf Ogi

Nicolas G. Hayek

Message from Nicolas G. Hayek, Former Chairman of the Board of The Swatch Group

Sport is a feeling for life, and is one of the most emotional experiences in the world. Peak performance is born out of the desire to produce something special through individual talent, to further develop that talent, to exhaust every detail of it and to exploit it to the full. Sport is the dream of reaching for the stars and being able to grasp them for just a moment, while never losing sight of the deprivations that are the price to be paid for fulfilling that desire.

Every single person is capable of a peak performance in his or her own field, be it in sport, like Donghua Li the world-famous gymnast, or our specialist timing team, or in every day life, at work, in the family, or in politics.

I am convinced that Donghua Li will continue to give peak performances, in whatever field, because he is not only a top sportsman and gifted gymnast, but also an innovative and creative entrepreneur.

I should like to wish Donghua Li many more successes in the coming years.

Nicolas G. Hayek

Von Guestbook: Eggerschwiler Michaela - Oberkirch/ Luzern

Sehr geehrter Herr Donghua Li

Sie kennen mich nicht, aber ich wollte danken, dass sie mir über den Weg gelaufen sind.An einem Tag, auf den ich lange gewartet habe. Ich arbeite in Sursee in der Confiesserie Surchat und heute standen sie plötzlich da und unterhilten sich mit meinem Chef.Eigentlich nichts bessonderes,ausser für mich.ich habe schwere zeiten hinter mir und ganz bestimmt auch vor mir.ich darf in den nächsten Tagen endlich meinen zukünftigen Mann nach langer zeit in die Arme schliessen.

Nun was hat das jetzt mit ihnen zu tun?Sie haben in ihrem Leben schon oft gezeit, dass einem nichts geschenkt wird,aber wen man seine Ziele nicht verliehrt,für sein Glaube und Wille nie aufhört zu kämpfen, kann man alles erreichen,auch das unmögliche!!Ich stehe jetzt an dem punkt, an dem bei mir alle Bilder von meinem kampf,nochmals sehe und mir zeigt,dass es sich gelond hat!!!

ich habe grossen Respekt vor ihnen und das was sie erreicht haben!!!
ich wünsche ihnen und ihrer Familie alles was sie sich wünschen!!!

PS:danke für die bestätigung die sie mir heute geschenkt haben, dass es sich immer lond zu kämpfen und man seinen Weg gehen soll.egal was andere sagen.

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